Wednesday, October 26, 2016

We Are All Made of Stars

Callie sat at her desk, the glow of her laptop permeating the darkness of her room.  This was her ritual. Her thing. Every night before bed, she would write an entry in her online diary. Normally, the words would flow. She would recount the day in it all its glories or mishaps. Today, however, was exceedingly difficult. What normally was effortless had now turned laborious.

“No one is ever going to believe me, Ezra.” Ezra happened to be her Orange Calico who at the moment, was too busy cleaning his paws to care about his mistress’ dilemma. “It’s like I’m in the X-Files or something.” Growing bored with his self-hygiene routine, Ezra looks at Callie and lazily flips his tail back and forth.

Absentmindedly, she begins to play with her high school ring. Funny how we revert to past habits when under duress. If only she could remember what had happened. Callie turns her computer off and sits down on her bed.  Ezra looks at her with passing interest and finally stretches out for a nap. Before long, Callie lays down, closes her eyes and drifts into a fitful sleep.

The landscape changes into the pleasant blue of an Autumn afternoon in the desert. Callie is hiking a path armed with her trusty old Nikon. She pauses and takes a breathtaking shot of a butte backlit by the sun. Pleased with her photo, she continues on her way, scouting for anything of interest. Off in the distance, she notices a blinding white light streaking across the horizon. Her mind begins turning in a thousand directions. Could it be a meteor? Is it a rogue comet? Is it a crashing plane?

In an instance, her thoughts are obliterated by a resounding crash and a reverberation that nearly knocks her off her feet.  She turns in the direction of the noise and sees a smoldering wreckage. Without pausing to think, she immediately begins to run toward the debris.  When she gets there, she stops dead in her tracks.  This is not like any aircraft that she had ever seen. This is something different. It almost looked like a large boomerang had landed in the sand on its side.

The wing portion, or what Callie assumed to be the wing of this odd machine was almost as large as the wing of the F117’s her father flew. Tentatively, she reached out to touch it. The moment her hand met the soft metallic surface, a slight shock went up her arm. Startled, she jumped back almost losing her balance. It was then that she saw what appeared to be a small, chalk colored body about the size of a 5-year-old, lying on its side.

“Oh my God!  This cannot be real!” Callie closed her eyes several times but every time she opened them she still saw the same things. Her heart beating like she was running a marathon; Callie knew she should run away. Somehow, she could not leave the spot where she was standing. Hesitantly, she begins to approach the life form.

What she sees next defies everything she had been taught in her science classes at school. The shape that was lying not far from the wreckage was like a child but yet not a child. The entity’s head was rather large for its thin frame and the only thing that popped into her mind was the American Dad cartoon. What the fuck? Why would she be thinking of that show? Get it together, Callie!

Moving forward, she reached out her hand to touch the being. Suddenly, Callie sits bolt upright in her bed but yet it isn’t her bed.  Her head feels fuzzy and she feels as if she is coming down with the flu. She attempts to stand up but before she can do so, her eyes meet the pitch-black stare of a small figure standing in her doorway. Frightened, she starts to scream but it catches in her throat. The figure seems to float toward her.  Before Callie can do anything, her world immediately fades to black.


  1. Color me Intrigued! That was a well written fascinating piece .. I hope part of a longer story to come - now that you hooked me :)

    1. You know I am feeling like this short could evolve into an actual story. I know I will return to it. Thanks for the positive feedback. I am so used to writing essays and screenplays that I was wondering if I could attempt actual fiction writing.

  2. Wow, I do hope we get more of this story. Great work Susan.:-)